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  1. Chana Dal

    Chana dal namkeen is one of the popular snacks in North India. The chana dal is fried in hot oil and mixed with red chilli, salt and citric. This crispy chana dal can be enjoyed with cut pieces of tomoto and cucumber Learn More
  2. Bhujia (sev)

    Namkeen Bhujia is one of the traditional Indian Snacks. This is made from the besan paste mixed with salt and red chilli fried in hot oil. Free from excess oil, this can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner or as any-time snack. It makes a delightful combination of sweet and namkeen when mixed with our Boondi. Learn More
  3. Suhali

    Suhalis are among few world famous Rajasthani snacks. It can be preserved for long period of time. It made by deep frying fine flour in ground nut oil. You can have it in breakfast or with beverages in the evening. It is enjoyed best with khatta keri achaar (pickle) Learn More
  4. Rajasthani Kachori

    Originating in Rajasthan, India, Khasta Kachori is an Indian snack that is stuffed with spiced moong dal fillings. You can have it with tea in the morning or in the evening or can be served with green and mithi chutneys Learn More