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About Us

The Mithaiwallas is a facilitator for supply of sweets and namkeens manufactured by “Ganesh Bhandar” in Mumbai. “Ganesh Bhandar” is a trusted name in Sweets and namkeens since last 41 years.

“Ganesh Bhandar” was established by “Paramhans Ganeshji Pandit Memorial Trust” in the year 1970. The manufacturing facility and the only shop is located at Narayan wadi, C. P. Tank, Mumbai. Ganesh Bhandar has been a trusted brand for Indian Sweets and Namkeens since the last 41 years. Always fresh and pure with no preservatives, manufactured with use of modern machines, in hygienic conditions at economical price, is the hallmark of “Ganesh Bhandar”. It aims at continuous improvement in quality while maintaining the same taste for years.

The Trust was established in the memory of Paramhans Pandit Shri Ganesh Narayan. Panditji, popularly known as Bawaliya Baba, was born at a small village named Bugala about 12km from Navalgad in the district Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Right from birth he was gifted with exceptional qualities. He completed his studies at Navalgad and in a very short period of time he had memorized Sanskirt scriptures. During his student life he wrote poems in Hindi and Sanskrit and studied Sanskrit language, grammar, Sahitya, Shastras and Astrology. He also studied Persian language. At a very young age, he was acknowledged as a renowned scholar. He spent most of his life worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. Because of his unusual divine powers he had number of followers in the region.

The Paramhans Trust, apart from Sweet-manufacturing, has many social and public utility projects. The proceeds from the sweet-making is fully utilized for the Charitable activities. Some of the important projects established and run by the Trust are as under:

  • Constructed Water huts (Piyao) and continuously maintains at

    Juhu mumbai    Established in 1985
    Chidawa Rajasthan    Established in 1997
    Salasar dham Rajasthan    Established in 1997
    Opposite CST station Established in 1977
    Flora fountain Mumbai Established in 1975
    Ram kund Nasik Established in 1971
  • Construction of Bal sadan at Lonavala, Maharashtra in the year 1994.
  • An eating-house at Narayan wadi, Mumbai started in the year 1971, which provided, one meal at just Re. 1, till 1985.
  • Plantation of 2000 Trees at Chidawa, Rajasthan.
  • Provision of wood at crematorium at Chidawa, Rajasthan.
  • Digging of bore well at Chhapra Rajasthan and Chawchari, Rajasthan.
  • Construction of a school at Talasari, Maharashtra in the year 2004.
  • Construction of library at Shekhawati Bhavan, Jaipur.
  • Construction Sulabh Shauchalay (Public lavatory) in the year 2008 at Chidawa, Rajasthan.
  • Distribution of food packets at “Ganesh bhandar” everyday at a nominal price of Rs. 10 each
  • Donation of Ambulance.

The trust has been active in providing relief services on occurrence of several natural or man-made calamity.